ATM Owners and Operators

With the upcoming EMV chip liability shifts for ATM transactions, there are a lot of considerations that ATM owners and operators need to be aware of as they migrate to chip technology. The resources on this page provide a range of educational material – from EMV basics to detailed guidance on the choices that ATM owners and operators need to make to support chip technology.


EMV Fundamentals

  • Chip Card Video
    This video explains what chip cards are, why consumers are receiving them, and how to use them in stores and at ATMs.
  • Debunking EMV Myths
    The U.S. Payments Forum created this guide to provide accurate information for all stakeholders communicating about contact and contactless chip technology, including card issuers, retailers and the media.
  • EMV 101 Webinar
    This recorded webinar provides a primer on EMV chip payments. The webinar provides comprehensive overview of EMV chip payments, including the EMV transaction flow and options for card authentication, cardholder verification and transaction authorization.
  • Glossary of Standardized Terminology
    The glossary defines a set of standard terminology for common chip, EMV, and EMV migration terms for use in educational and marketing communications relating to the U.S. migration.
  • Minimum EMV Chip Card and Terminal Requirements – U.S.
    This resource defines the minimum card and terminal EMV requirements for payment networks American Express, Armed Forces Financial Network (AFFN), China UnionPay, Discover, Jeanie, MasterCard, NYCE, PULSE, SHAZAM, STAR and Visa, in the context of the U.S. electronic payments marketplace and the October 2015 liability shifts.
  • Understanding the U.S. EMV Fraud Liability Shifts
    This U.S. Payments Forum white paper provides information that was collected from payment networks on the counterfeit and lost or stolen fraud liability shifts for POS devices, ATMs, and AFDs.


ATM EMV Technical Education and Implementation Guidance


EMV Technical Education and Implementation Guidance


Payments Industry Resources on EMV


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