EMV Resources

Financial institutions in the United States, Europe, Latin America, Asia/Pacific and Canada are issuing contact or dual-interface EMV smart cards for credit and debit payment or migrating to EMV issuance.

The EMV Connection web site provides up-to-date EMV migration information and educational resources.

Communications Resources

  • Chip Card Video
    This video educates consumers on chip cards, why they’re receiving them, and how to use them in stores and at ATMs.
  • Debunking EMV Myths
    The U.S. Payments Forum created this guide to provide accurate information for all stakeholders communicating about contact and contactless chip technology, including card issuers, retailers and the media.
  • Effective Communication Practices for U.S. Chip Migration Webinar
    This recorded webinar provides guidance to help industry stakeholders create sound communication strategies that will help the U.S. market understand and embrace chip payments and their many security benefits.
  • EMV Chip Card B-Roll
  • EMV Chip Cards: The Future of Payments infographic
    This infographic explains the must-know facts about U.S. EMV Migration
  • GetContactless.com web site
    Developed for merchants, the GetContactless.com web site provides easy-to-use resources for merchants interested in enabling consumers to make contactless payments
  • Glossary of Standardized Terminology
    This glossary defines a set of standard terminology for common chip, EMV, and EMV migration terms for use in educational and marketing communications relating to the U.S. migration.
  • GoChipCard.com web site for consumers merchants and issuers
    Developed for consumers, merchants and issuers, the GoChipCard.com web site provides easy-to-use and simple resources, and consistent messages about chip cards and their use
  • Mobile and Contactless Payments Glossary
    This resource defines mobile and contactless payments terms to encourage cross-industry standardization of terminology.
  • Recommended Communications Best Practices
    This guide provides a step-by-step resource for issuers and merchants to develop effective messaging and education approaches during the U.S. migration to chip technology.

White Papers and Implementation Guidance

Video Recordings and Recorded Webinars/Workshops

Other Resources

Stakeholder-Specific Resources

Information specific to industry stakeholders can be found at the links below.