B-Roll and High Resolution Photos for EMV Chip Card Payment Reporting Available Online

Princeton Junction, N.J., September 29, 2015 – Shoppers across America are noticing a new chip security feature on their payment cards. They’re called chip cards, and most consumers have at least one or will get one soon from their bank. Beginning in October 2015, retailers may be liable for certain types of fraud if they are unable to accept chip cards.

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Enhanced GoChipCard.com Teaches Consumers How to Use Chip Cards In-store and at the ATM

Princeton Junction, N.J., September 8, 2015 – For consumers curious about their new chip-based credit and debit cards and wondering how to use them to conduct transactions in-store and at the ATM, GoChipCard.com has the answers.

GoChipCard.com was launched in April by the EMV Migration Forum and the Payments Security Task Force in support of an industrywide commitment to provide easy-to-use and simple resources, and consistent messages about chip cards and their use. This month, the organizations enhanced the website by adding details about how consumers can use their new chip cards at an ATM.  

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