U.S. Payments Forum Membership

Membership Eligibility

The U.S. Payments Forum has seven classes of membership. Any individual, firm, partnership, incorporated industry association, or governmental body who is a participant in the payments industry may apply for membership.

Those considered to be in the payments industry include: acquirers; card services; consultants; consumer representatives; industry associations; industry suppliers of software, hardware and services; issuers; merchants; payments networks; processors; mobile applications and service providers; standards organizations; systems integrators; and other constituents with a demonstrated interest in promoting the mission of the Forum are welcome to submit an application.

U.S. Payments Forum Membership Kit

U.S. Payments Forum Bylaws and Policies

General Membership Information

U.S. Payments Forum membership runs for 12 months, beginning with the first day of the month that the application is received.  Membership expires one year after the start date. Organizations who are current members of the Smart Card Alliance will receive a 20% discount off the annual U.S. Payments Forum membership fee.

The U.S. Payments Forum does not lobby and no allocation of dues is necessary for tax purposes.