US Payments Forum Provides EMV Chargeback Best Practices for Merchants, Issuers in New White Paper

Princeton Junction, N.J., August 2, 2016 – With the U.S. migration to EMV chip payments and accompanying fraud liability shifts, new types of chargeback reason codes have been established for both counterfeit and lost/stolen fraud that issuers, acquirers and merchants need to fully understand. The U.S. Payments Forum (formerly the EMV Migration Forum) released today a white paper, “EMV Chargeback Best Practices,” which provides guidelines on how to ensure proper authorization of transactions and how to avoid and/or mitigate invalid chargebacks.

The white paper, “EMV Chargeback Best Practices,” can be downloaded at

“These new types of chargeback reason codes that merchants are seeing are a result of the fact that the U.S. is not 100 percent chip-enabled. It is important to recognize that, for the most part, these chargebacks are resulting from fraud that was already in the system but not visible to many stakeholders as issuers historically absorbed this fraud in the face-to-face environment,” said Randy Vanderhoof, director of the U.S. Payments Forum. “As issuer and merchant chip implementations become more pervasive and robust and as data quality improves, we will see less invalid chargebacks, while the overall occurrence of counterfeit fraud and resulting chargebacks should decrease as well.”

This white paper is specifically focused on the appropriate treatment and mitigation of both counterfeit and lost/stolen chip liability shift chargebacks occurring after the liability shift dates for contact chip cards used in attended transactions, and discusses:

  • Issuer best practices for authorization and managing disputes
  • Merchant best practices for obtaining an authorization response and avoiding chargebacks – both for merchants who are chip-enabled and those who are not yet chip-enabled
  • Merchant and acquirer best practices for disputing and mitigating chargebacks
  • Challenges surrounding data quality relating to authorization and chargebacks

The white paper was developed by a cross-industry member team to reflect input from all payments industry stakeholders. It is the final work product from the EMV Migration Forum, which recently announced that it is changing its name to the U.S. Payments Forum to provide expanded support for the payments ecosystem.

Payments industry stakeholders looking for additional guidance on the U.S. EMV migration should visit for more resources.

About the U.S. Payments Forum

The U.S. Payments Forum, formerly the EMV Migration Forum, is a cross-industry body focused on supporting the introduction and implementation of EMV chip and other new and emerging technologies that protect the security of, and enhance opportunities for payment transactions within the United States. The Forum is the only non-profit organization whose membership includes the entire payments ecosystem, ensuring that all stakeholders have the opportunity to coordinate, cooperate on, and have a voice in the future of the U.S. payments industry.


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